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Full Name Wizard Penguin Foundation
Founded 2017-05-03
Rank Unknown
Size Small
Famed For Unkown

Wizard Penguin Foundation

The WPF is a Club Penguin army, which has been originally founded by a CPR user named CyborgSFM (A.K.A Cyborg Unleashed), CyborgSFM was inspired to create this army after seeing all of the armies in club penguin rewritten which have been causing havoc. (EG: Tubas)


Joining is fairly simple, to join just wear one of the uniforms, or you can go to the official WPF website and fill out the form/document. You could also join the official discord.



The first uniform (The Original Uniform) consists of:

  • Blizzard Wizard Hat
  • Crystal Staff (Mandatory)
  • Tactical Gear
  • Delta Sneaks

The secondary uniform a.k.a the casual wizard-goer because that's apparently a term consists of:

  • Blizzard Wizard Hat
  • Blizzard Wizard Robe

The third uniform a.k.a the stealth wizard uniform consists of:

  • Blizzard Wizard Hat
  • Black Tie
  • Delta Sneaks
  • Sunglasses

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