The Water Ninjas were a small/medium army created by Jayden1092 on July 3, 2013. They were at one time the "card-jitsu" army. Their site is:


Generation 1

Jayden1092 made this army with Mario on July 3rd. Jayden1092 currently leads the CPWN. Mario86385CP left the army on July 4 since he was too busy with other blogs he will still be remembered as Creator of this Blog. Mario86385CP said he will come to events if he could. Vinigar212 was the first one to join he was made Lieutenant General. His Penguin was at first banned for some reason but will be back up. Gappymcpup joined us and was made Advisor for his skill of keeping track of things and helping the leader a lot.Jayden1092 led for over 3 Months with Paulwag and Johnny leading the Second Month The Third Month was  the First Golden Age for the Water Ninjas. WN went in war with CPW(CP Warriors) right away to help their allies Cobras of CP. However CPW never came to their invasions. Water Ninjas also went in war with Chilliteckers of CP (now Red Defenders) and beat them even when Chilliteckers were using the Red Alliance. WN later became friends with Chilliteckers leader and advisor; Youtums and Cawasky2. WN joined the Red Alliance but they were defaced and hacked days later. Jayden1092 was forced to merge WN so he did. Jayden retired and quit CP Armies.

Generation 2

This was planned. Jayden and Cameron were gonna lead but Cameron one day never came on xat and following days too. So Jayden decided to round up all the veterans and all of his troops from Red Warriors he recruited to make the 2nd Generation. it however lasted one day and they died. Our servers were invaded by Acid Spartans but we were dead anyway. However White House was owned by them and they gave it to Tacos of CP.

Generation 3

Only maxing around 4-5 troops at their first event and being raided by Fire Ninjas. They however grew stronger and got 10-13 on CP and got 13th on CPAC and 2nd on SMAC, but never first.They went in war with GD to prove their skills but surrendered since GD got stronger each day. Than Jayden found Angel a HSA Leader and DW 2ic who was willing to help WN Lead. He led with us to our Golden Age. Than Japan became leader because he was experienced and needed an army to join. He was helpful and attended event but turned us into communist and we fell shortly afterwards. Japan also took all of his recruits to his army; HSA. They also had a war with Metal Warriors in which they lost. Shortly afterwords an army named Snowball Warriors declared war. WN however won; and it was their first war winning. WN however lost White House(capital).

Generation 4

Lego however was presented to remake Water Ninjas but failed so Jayden got an idea to help this Generation Lego however did give Water Ninjas a boost big enough to spread hop of a new life.

Greeny was persuaded by Jayden to turn his army Lime Green Army into Water Ninjas. Greeny agreed and they had a name change. The leaders were Greeny and Skyfish. However Greeny got coup’ed because of the mass fights on chats. He later received leadership but got fired again for not recruiting,doing tactics, and going afk a lot. On their first “real week” of revival, Water Ninjas made CPAC as 10th. Water Ninjas however were more of a PST army which most of their troops woke up really late. Water Ninjas also went in war with Brownies. Brownies died and merged into Chaos and Chaos went into war with Water Ninjas. Light Troops also went in war but they gave mercy since we were a nice army and saw that we were just growing. WN used Cold Front as their capital. Light Troops died and gave us all their servers as land grants. WN became big but had many conflicts inside the army and Greeny(WN leader) kept making armies like Miner Republic which later resulted in a fight between Greeny and Jai in-which in the end Greeny retired. WN faced a war with Watex Warriors since the judge, Warriorsrevenge said that WN won the tournament battle with sizes of 4+ while WW got 10+ and WW used “helping LGA” as an excuse since WN went into war with LGA because WN was suppose to be a merge of LGA. The war ended shortly with LGA invading at AUS times and WN invading at USA times, they accepted a treaty. Watex Warriors declared war on us but we did not care about them since we were in war with LGA at the time and WW said that we were picking on small armies like LGA. However Water Ninjas suffered a major fall down to the bottom of the SMAC Top 5. We however rose again back to 4th but had many troop problems. Ice Hounds threatened to go in war with us if we didn’t give them a server, and we didn’t so they declared war on us. Redemption Force also went in war with us because of a voting of who to go into war with. Ice Hounds were losing the war 2-0 so they colonized under Team Blue but WN and TB made peace and IH had to cancel their invasions.

Generation 5

On December 28, 2014, Bluex, Orange, Jai, and a few other Generation 5 people gathered at the Guardian Penguin army chat without any notice. They were thinking about making a new generation under that leadership of Jai, Bluex, Orange, and Skyfish (Skyfish eventually dropped out a few weeks later). A day later, Orange made a teaser post about WN’s return on February 2015. There were barely any updates until February, especially with the disappearance of Orange, so Bluex decided to cancel the 6th Generation. On that same post, Angel commented that he would like to lead the 6th Generation. Angel revived the Water Ninjas on February 20, 2015. Gator and Moneytrees(temp) joined the leadership a few days later. Jayden1092 later officially join the leadership..  WN was rising really fast maxing 15 on their first event, and around 14-20+ in future events. On our first week got 5th on the CPAC top 10. Later WN couped Moneytrees due to non-activeness. WN went on that week maxing a steady 20+ at US and 10+ at UK. A couple days later three more leaders joined. Those being Taco, Whatsup11, and Orange. Within a week all three were no longer leaders. 11 was inactive all the time. Orange retired for another army. Taco stayed and planned on staying for a while, but the other leaders had other ideas, they couped Taco, due to the fact that it seems any army that Taco joins, dies within two weeks.WN then hired Revan aka. Totodile Well WN kept on plowing. They got 3rd on CPAC after keeping steady amounts of 20-25+ and maxing 30 that week. Jodie came from WV to help with our UK and Ausia division. She was doing a great job getting our Ausia to max 15 steadily and UK 20+ steadily. She was elected for leader that very Sunday, but it was found it in a CPAC post that Jodie had been multilogging 6 penguins in the recent events of the week. We would have had 1st on CPAC but due to the multitlogging, CPAC took off 5 points putting us in the 4th place. Jodie was fired and did not get leader. The next week was a quiet one. Barely maxing 20 in US and not having any events in UK. Our Ausia was still great as CSY took hold and was maxing 10 with it. We barely held a top 5 finish in CPAC finishing 5th. The next week was a game changer. The only leaders were Jai and Angel, due to Atticus, Bluex, and Gator all retiring the week or two before, but the US did great maxing 25, and UK getting up to 12 being lead by LordNinja. The only event that was really bad was a PB w/ the Nachos Friday night where the US barely maxed 15. Despite that fact we still clinched the 3 spot that week. The next week Ninja was hired to the rank of Leader, which started the JAN era (Jai, Angel, Ninja). Soon after the commencement of the JAN era, WN suffered from hack defacements by Max48310. Following the defacements, Atticus rejoined WN as leader.


  • Water Ninjas are the current strongest, Card-Jitsu army
  • Water Ninjas won the award for best Small-Medium Army of the Summer for 2013 (SMAC)
  • As of June 28, 2013, WN has gotten their first CPAC Rank, 10th on CPAC
  • Water Ninjas highest maxed was 36.
  • Water Ninjas have used White House as their Main Capital Server in Generation 1,2 and 3
  • Cold Front is now the heavily occupied Capital of WN.
  • Water Ninjas have had a PB with the Army Republic and tied it.
  • Jai has led WN for more than 6 Months but it has been on-off and was nominated for SMAC Legend.
  • Skyfish was one of the most influential leaders who can hurt your feelings with his words.
  • Carl was the only Legend to be a owner but is now a leader.
  • The Water Ninjas won the SMAC Winter Wonderland Finals against Light Troops.
  • The Water Ninjas are one of few armies to be involved in CP and CPR warfare


1. Jayden1092/Jai

2. Mario.

3. Baku988

4. Paulwag

5. Johnny2006

6. Cameron

7. Angel

8. FriscoPolice

9. Japan

10. Blaze

11. Legozacc

12. Greeny

13. Skyfish

14. Bluex75

15. Hephaestus/Poke

16. Dancer5118

17. Carl

18. Epicorange1

19. Jason.

20. Bobrules107

21. Atticus945

22. Brax

23. Gatorfan999

24. LordNinja24

25. Kyle103

Videos of the CP Water Ninjas

Club Penguin Water Ninja Army Training session-0

Club Penguin Water Ninja Army Training session-0

Training Session

Legends Cup IV Round 1- Water Ninjas vs

Legends Cup IV Round 1- Water Ninjas vs. Shadow Troops

CPAC Legends Cups vs. Shadow Troops

Club Penguin Water Ninjas training session 8 13 2013

Club Penguin Water Ninjas training session 8 13 2013

PB with UFW which were No-Shows so changed to a Training Session

SMAC Premier Cup (Wildcards) Water Ninjas vs S.W.A

SMAC Premier Cup (Wildcards) Water Ninjas vs S.W.A.T

SMAC Premier Cup (Tournament) vs. SWAT