Since I became an Admin today I've been doing a lot of things. Including rewriting the Welcome message for new users. Here's what the message is now:

Hello, and welcome to the Club Penguin Army Wiki! The only wiki out there all about the CP Army World. We're dedicated to giving readers the best information we can on CP's Army World. We're glad to have you join our wiki, we can always use another user. Visit our Forums, and our chat box to discuss topics with other users. Be sure to also read our Laws. If you need help content an admin, like User:Star kirby12.

If you want to start writing a new article, you can start right now! Just type the name of the article in the box below, and click "Begin".

We hope you'll have a good time here. Waddle on, soldier!

Well what do you think? -User:Feey1 "Fanon, fanon, fanon, fanon!!!" 20:07, April 17, 2012 (UTC)