Hi,im a member on clubpenguin called erniebert1 and creating a new cp army called the WBN or warrior battle ninjas. I made this army to show that anyone who joins will have strength and popularity. also to show some armies who is he good guy. we are a good army not an evil one. Our uniform is a red viking helmet, a light blue body, night vision glasses, and a green tank, and a quest for golden puffle outfit. (Tan one).



Allies: icewarriors ACP skywarriors Marines CPENA



CoLeaders:Fluffenator, Anehiempen

That is all for today so plz join my army. i almost forgot you need to pass atest before joining so plz take it. it is right under here if you scroll down copy paste them to comment box.

1.What is your penguin name?

2.are you a member?

3.will you be loyal and respect WBN?

4.Do you think ill be a good leader?

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