• Erniebert1

    Hi,im a member on clubpenguin called erniebert1 and creating a new cp army called the WBN or warrior battle ninjas. I made this army to show that anyone who joins will have strength and popularity. also to show some armies who is he good guy. we are a good army not an evil one. Our uniform is a red viking helmet, a light blue body, night vision glasses, and a green tank, and a quest for golden puffle outfit. (Tan one).


    Enimies:SWAT RSNAILS

    Allies: icewarriors ACP skywarriors Marines CPENA



    CoLeaders:Fluffenator, Anehiempen

    That is all for today so plz join my army. i almost forgot you need to pass atest before joining so plz take it. it is right under here if you scroll down copy paste them to comment box.


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