Welcome to the Official United Penguins Website! You might be asking yourself “Whats the United Penguins” the United Penguins is a Group for keeping Penguins Safe in the battles that take place (For example Tonight at 8pm est the Nacho army will be attacking another army, which is not named on their site. And also tonight at 8pm est the Night Warriors will be attacking. Whatever penguin that is not apart of the fight we will protect and tell them to get to another server or another part of the Server (they are on). “This sounds like a stupid Purpose, can’t they just do it them self?” Yes, but we would like to make it safe for everyone battling, waddling or just watching! We would also like to help them from when the Armies start using the Emotion Signs we don’t want them to feel bullied. “Ok and whats in it for us armies” Simple! not getting banned or hurting the feeling of other Penguins.

If you would like to help or contact us (United Penguins) please contact us on Twitter@United_Penguins or via Email

Thanks, United Penguins Founder, Tabonash

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