The Tuba Army, also known simply as "The Tubas" is a well known army on Club Penguin Rewritten - most famous of their spontaneous appearances and never-ending feud with The RPF.


Origins of The Tubas (2007 - 2017)

Penguins who would, today, be considered "Tubas" have existed since as early as 2007 - when the Tuba item was first released. During this period, The Tubas never formed into an organised army and thus had no leader or structure. Over the years, The Tubas became so notorious that they were known by the Club Penguin staff and satirized in an official EPF video released in 2011. This video was entitled "Elite Penguin Force... Tubas?" and showed 4 EPF agents disguise themselves as Tubas to hide from Herbert and Klutzy.

The Tubas were united under one army for the first time on September 22, 2012, by Johnylumber. Johny was a brash and bold leader - just two days after founding the army he declared war on the Gamer Warriors. Despite planning to invade the servers of Bean Bag, Jackhammer and Hot Chocolate, Johny quickly lost control of his soldiers and the army collapsed. The Tubas were an unorganised group once more. They remained this way for the rest of Club Penguins existence, but were still an ever-present force in the game.

Rise of The Tubas (2017 - present)

See Also: The Tuba-RPF War, Tuba-Red Rangers War

On March 29, 2017 Club Penguin shut down, causing many armies to either disband or move to the popular CPPS Club Penguin Rewritten. On CPR, The Tubas have re-emerged as one of the largest, most famous and most successful armies still active. The Tubas were re-united under one army, again, in April 2017 by EpicsLT, and embarked on a war-mongering campaign against several smaller armies, such as the Red Rangers, Scubas and Emos. As a result, The Tubas received negative attention from other armies such as The Rebel Penguin Federation. The RPF Leadership eventually deemed The Tubas a threat, and ordered RPF soldiers to attack on sight. This is considered the start of the Tuba-RPF War.

The Tubas raid The Town - 10 April 2017

On September 8, 2017, a new Tuba Army was founded by Tygokid known as "Tuba Pride." This is the only branch of The Tuba Army still active. Over the following months, The Tubas grew and engaged in frequent battles with The RPF throughout October. It was around this time that Tygokid handed the Tuba leadership over to Cajan, who is the current Tuba leader. In December 2017, The Tubas were among the many armies who criticised CPR founder Codey's changes to the rules when it comes to CP Armies. In February, the Tubas allied with the Underground Mafias Army against the Blizzard Warrior Army.


Virtual Penguin the new Club Penguin

Tubas are completely yellow, and only wear a tuba as wearing any other clothing would make the player unable to play the tuba. Unofficial members are colored orange, and traditionally wore a yellow ninja belt (in the original Club Penguin).

The tubas large numbers is due to the easiness of the uniform, compared with other armies - the yellow color costs 20 coins and the tuba costs 600 coins.



Tubas battling The RPF - 30 November 2017.

Due to their cheap and easy to access costume, the number of Tubas is extremely large. A Tuba army will often form as part of a chain reaction - a Tuba wearing normal penguin clothing will change into their Tuba uniform once they see another Tuba. The Tubas mostly target The Town - this is a central location in Club Penguin where many people spawn when they enter the game, which makes it a good location for recruiting more Tubas. They also target the Dance Club, The Cove, the Pizzeria and the Plaza.

Known Members


Tubas depicted in the EPF video.

The following people have, at one point, fought for the Tuba Army:
  • Cajan - current leader of The Tubas
  • Otara
  • AndrewPlayz64
  • Patrick Star
  • SirTopHat
  • datspetygood
  • leotheleader
  • bennyben1234
  • Liquidocean
  • SuperBella
  • PenguinPo12
  • Jason One
  • Cuzzie
  • TygoKid
  • Scout11
  • Floor123