Purple Wave Wiki
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Full Name Purple Wave Wiki
Founded GhostyGump / Purple Republic
Type Wiki
Famed For Red Pilling the Penguins on the Truth

The Purple Wave Wiki, is a website about large Club Penguin armies. They are known for telling the truth at any given moment and will not ever lie to you (unlike the Club Penguin Army Wiki). They also tell you about the glorious history of the Purple Republic!

Official Description

The Purple Wave Wiki (sometimes referred too as Purple Republic Wiki, Newfag Guide) is the documentation of everything Purple Republic related from Drama to Srs Bsns, and from Memes to Real Shit. This Wiki shall be your tour guide to information that even Club Penguin Armies don't want you to know about and hidden truths that even Matt couldn't conjurer up, because of this you should ignore all the other Club Penguin wiki's especially Club Penguin Army Wiki due to their sheer inaccuracy in almost everything they post.



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