The Red Alliance is an alliance made of fourteen armies. It was origianally created by these four armies The Red Vikings of Club Penguin, The Chilliteckers of Club Penguin, The Fire Warriors of Club Penguin, and The Furious Fire Army of Club Penguin. They are newer, but are getting larger by the second. Within 10 of the website being released they had already gotton two views. Their current website is FFACP started working on a banner and they posted it on their website HERE.


One day an author known as "32po" hacked the site and tons of leaders recognized him as one of the creators, Cawasky2. Two days later Freakky Poo1 found the problem and deleted the hacker. The site lost all of it's posts, pages, and information from the hacker. The site is currently being rebuilt. However the alliance was never remade but Dae; leader of one of the alliance army made a new alliance; Roman Alliance. However it failed and Youtums,Jayden,Cawasky2,Boomer were never seen again after around Ocotober.

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