The Penguin Revolution was a Revolution led by many CP Terrorists and organized by Penguin101 . It began on September 3rd, 2007 and ended September 28th, 2007. It was successful in the plotted happenings.


The plot of the revolution was to have a democratic way of ruling the website without unfair advantages. Many Disney workers signed up on Club Penguin to get Disney to own the site. Some were already accused as cheaters for their investigations and banned for a while. Rsnail, the CP Director, was not pleasant with this.

Beginning of Revolution

Penguin101 had organized an attack on the site on September 3rd. Many Moderators found the army and permanently banned many of the penguins. Penguin101 was also banned that day. Although Penguin101 was not on the site anymore, the army continued.

Middle and end

The revolution was successful, and as a result, the armies voted Billybob as Main Mod. He rules the site as the Main Director, currently.

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