The Oman276 Army of Good is made to take down the evilist armys on this wiki. The members are=

Oman276- supreme leader

Aman276- general

Bobafett08-supreme general

Nokun46- soldier



Boman-soldier   I
No picture cp

no pic


The weapons they use are:

Snowball gun

Giant snowball cannon

The sword of infinitie power

Handheld electric stuner

The following penguins are WANTED and if you see one REPORT THEM IDMEDIETLY!


Leader of the Purple Rupublic. (her armies are made of bots, so banning her army will not do much.)

Danger level: 10/10

PRF (Penguin Robber Fedaration)

Any robber of that army wanted.

Danger level: 4/10

Bunny Sharks:

Any soldier wanted.

Danger level: 4/10 


Any soldier wanted

If you would like to be on Oman276's Army of Good please add yourself as a plain soldier.

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