The Night Warriors were formed when the original Night Warriors, and Rogue Rangers merged. The Night Warriors were founded back in July 2009 by a person known as Cowboysfan13 aka Vince, but they were rarely known during that time. During 2010 and early 2011, they had an amazing rise in troops and became a world power army under the reign of Tomb147 and Vendetta. At this time, the NW were the first army in years to dethrone ACP from the Number 1 position.

The Night Warriors also played a key role in the bloody World War V, where they later were defeated by the ACP. Read more about WWV HERE. After the retirements of Tomb and Vendetta, the NW went on a slow decline from their top position. Leaders like Shadowe2, Dj Slides, and Greenoiscool kept the Night Warriors in the Top Ten, although they never soared to the heights of the Vendetta/Tomb147 leadership. Shortly after the retirement of Dj Slides, the Night Warriors were officially declared dead. Recent recreations have seen large amounts of success and high rankings on Top Tens.

The Night Warriors will always be remembered as one of the first “bad guy” armies, as the first isolationist army, as the army that dethroned ACP, and, most importantly, as a truly legendary army.

In 2016 the NW almost destroyed the Nachos in the Three day war. Within one month the NW reorganized into the Dark Warriors and within three months of the war the DW totally collapsed due to failing leadership and an ongoing war with AR. The collapse left only one super power left the Nachos. many remnence reformed into the dark rebels.


Night Warriors Uniform