The Maxpenny's Democratic Club Penguin Army (MDCPA) is a democratic Club Penguin Army. Being founded in 2007 by Yipcc and Maxpenny. The MDCPA did made it way up to the 10th biggest army on Club Penguin, with 500,000 soldiers, 50,000 tanks, 39,000 fighter jets and bombers, 20,000 helicopters. The MDCPA was believed to be developing nuclear weapons and the first nuclear bomb tested by the Maxpenny's Democratic Club Penguin Army was in 2008 when Maxpenny issued a test just 0.5km (500m) from Club Penguin's east coast. The MDCPA's website is here



The Maxpenny's Democratic Club Penguin Army's current government is a democratically elected socialist government. Yipcc was the first MDCPA leader who was the saviour against communism. In 2009, Yipcc was captured by the army of the Purple Republic then executed by shooting after a day of capture.

Maxpenny enforced a strict law in the army where any enemy who attempts to capture, steal 1,000,000 coins worth of gold, assassinates or attempts to assassinate a MDCPA Army Commander would be hanged or shot dead by one of the army's executioners.

War with the Purple Republic after Yipcc's assassination


In September 2012, Maxpenny declared war on the Purple Republic. The MDCPA had anti hacker bot machines which lead Maxpenny's forces to victory over the Purple Republic. 20 penguins from the Purple Republic were hanged in the MDCPA's Prison Camp, MDCPA Maximum Security Prison Camp.

Nacho-MDCPA Dispute over Alaska server


Disputes between the Maxpenny's Democratic Club Penguin Army and the Nachos over the "Alaska" server had turned violent after intense street fighting outside the Pizza Parlor and the Town Center where the Nachos soldiers were firing from the Town center and the MDCPA soldiers from the outside of the Pizza Parlor.

MDCPA Weapons


Some of the weapons of the Maxpenny's Democratic Club Penguin Army are

The Maxpenny's Democratic Club Penguin Army is supplied weapons each month and 20 tons of ammunition each week from THE MDCPA WEAPONS SUPPLIER Pty Ltd.



There is no main uniform of MDCPA. To recognize an soldier of the Maxpenny's Democratic Club Penguin Army, The soldier will be wearing an helmet which has green and white stripes and the soldier may be wearing something else. Ask them what army they are part in.



  • Maxpenny and the Maxpenny's Democratic Club Penguin Army declared war on Violantealleta and the Purple Republic for being behind Yipcc's assassination.


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