This page shows the servers which are conquered by armies-

Please add the servers your army rules- This is important.

If you have doubts, just write it in the Talk of this page. Thanks!

Servers caught
Server Name Current Army Ruling Safe Chat? Previous Owners
Blizzard Nachos No PSA
Mountain CPP NO PSA
Big Surf CPP No None
Mukluk CPP No Alien Army
Arctic CPP Yes PSA
Berg CPP No None
Hockey CPP No The Free Army
Alaska CPP No None
Permafrost EPF No CPP
Zipline The stars/Nachos No CPP
Ice Cream CPP Yes PSA
Rainbow CPP No None
Sub Zero CPP No ACP
Ice Cube CPP Yes CPP
Ice Box CPP Yes Animal Army Intl.
Norhtern Lights Animal Army No Alien Army
South Pole(Server) Oman276's Army of Good No CPP
Antarctic CPP Yes ACP
Snowball The Free Army No None
White House CPP No PSA
Winter Land ACP No CPP(CPP gave this as a gift to ACP)
Yeti The stars/ACP No None
Southern Lights The stars/ACP No None
Big Foot The stars No None
Pine Needles Red Driller Army No None
Alpine Red Driller army No Pink Alliance
Fjord Animal Army No None
Half Pipe Dark Snow No Alien Amry
Sled CPP No Black Clan
Snow Covered ACP Yes None
Adventure CPP Yes ACP
Blizzard CPP/UMA No Ice Vikings
Bonza The Marine Army Yes Ice Vikings
Jack Frost UMA No Ice Vikings
Iceland(server) Black Clan No Ice Vikings
Snowy River Ice Vikings No None
Tea Nachos Yes CPP
Ice Palace Dark Snow No The Night Ninjas
Hot Chocolate CPP Yes Dark Snow
Abominable Dark Snow No The Night Ninjas
Beanie Dark Snow No The Night Ninjas
Avalanche Dark Snow No The Night Ninjas
Ice Cold Ninjas out Outback No ACP
White Out Dark Snow No ACP
Mammoth ACP/Everyone Yes None
Icicle Club Chicken No Ice Vikings
Klondike ACP/Everyone No None
Grasshopper FFACP/CPP Yes None
Aurora FFACP No


Parka Sleet Army/The Fire Bandits No None
Cabin Sleet Army/The Fire Bandits No None
Sleet Sleet Army/The Fire Bandits No None
Deep Freeze Independent No


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