Full Name Light Troops Of CP
Founded January 10th, 2010
Rank World Power
Government Democracy/Oligarhy
Size 35-60
Famed For Responsable for ACP's major fall.

The Light Troops are an army created on January 10th by Ioioluk which soon became a CP army legend. They were known as one of the world powers of club penguin armies from 2011-2012. Taking on other leading armies such as Nachos, Ice Warriors, and their largest enemy, the ACP. In fact, LT contributed the most to ACP's downfall, by declaring war on them twice. LT then was declared dead after December 26th, 2012. It was then resurrected with Waterkid and Elmikey as leaders. However, the Light Troops shut down a second time on July 28th, 2015 by Waterkid.


  • Ioioluk (Founder)
  • RMSTitanic94
  • Jujuflower
  • Kappnkrunch
  • Spiderguy22
  • Tylund1
  • Kooldude247
  • Keith09
  • 1a3t
  • Roberto
  • Teh Pie
  • Wwebestfan
  • Kennybot3000
  • S Cargo 2
  • Joee
  • TKOPhantom
  • Penguinz
  • Kooldude247
  • Darth Proditor
  • Jose
  • Mr. Cool
  • Lord Pain
  • Mr Cool 
  • Spi101
  • Waterkid101
  • Benjarkin 
  • Josh 
  • Shine1169 
  • Vendetta
  • Tirodoragon 
  • Konrad
  • Jester
  • Elmikey