Iyel is the founder,leader of The Rockers.he is the also the first Rocker solider.he orgenisos all of the Rockers meetings and attacks he says his gratest achivemeent was the first meeting syaing he scored 10 penguins to join the rockers.


  • enemy of the EPF (aka Puplic enemy #3)
  • Leader of the rockers
  • founder of the Rockers
  • Rocker Elite
  • enemy of Acp
  • enemy of Nachoz


  • he has the smae name on Gossebumps horrorland with two "L"s
  • he is said to have 13 rockers on his side
  • he is said to once blow up the EPF HQ with his team
  • he first came on club penguin during card Jitsu Fire
  • he knows Candence and Aunt Artic




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