Full Name Ice Warriors
Founded June, 2007
Rank Major army
Government Democratic Oligarchy
Size 155+
Famed For Being the "tournament army."

The Ice Warriors is an Club Penguin army created by Iceyfeet1234 alongside Ice Burgh 24 in June 2007. It is known as the first army ending in "Warriors", An ending which more then 15% of armies use today. Through out their existence they have been known for the big three armies (Nachos, Army Of Club Penguin & Ice Warriors). Ice Warriors has been in every CPAC top 10.


Originally written on the IW website:

The first ever, creator and legendary leader of the Ice Warriors, often made the first “Warriors” army often used today. The Ice Warriors are a legendary Club Penguin army, founded in June, 2007, by Club Penguin army legend, Iceyfeet1234. The Ice Warriors were one of the first Club Penguin armies, and are to this day, one of the most powerful armies.

By December of 26/2007,  Ambrosha has agreed to that his army – the Dark Warriors, has officially merged into the Ice Warriors – It successfully became huge.

In 2007, IW, DW, FW, AW and the Romans, all joined up to create the merger of TWA. Dream, Ambrosha, Icey and Wwe09 led it. But then Wwe09 and Icey got in a fight, and IW and FW backed out and the TWA has broke up. ~ By Jan 27, 2008, the Ice Warriors have to be T.W.A[The Warriors Army] for the big wars to fight. Then afterward, it became struggle and it wasn’t very active until June 11, 2008. In Icey’s reign, we faced many risings and falls, and even a rebellion against him. In January 2008, Sriv007, Lorenzo Bean and other high-ranking Ice Warriors (Or IW) officers started a rebel to overthrow the in-active Icey. Icey quickly reacted, but the rebels took over the website and created the Rebel IW. Few stuck with Icey during the rebel.. But eventually, the rebellion crumbled away and IW was back in order. The times after this, were known as the “Golden Ages” Where armies truly were at their highest point. By April 2008, the Ice Warriors site was deleted and it was named .

The Ice Warriors continued to thrive, as in-active as Icey could be. And then, in an army tournament, the Legends Cup, IW brought back the Golden Ages. The Ice Warriors had over 80+ on Club Penguin, and even more on our chat. Our sizes were overwhelming in the finals of this tournament, against the Nachos and Ninjas. Yet, the Army News site who held the tournament, Club Penguin Army Central (Or CPAC), decided that although they had only about 40+, the Nachos won the tournament.

Our massive size died down quickly, but everyone in IW was refreshed after being 1st in the CPAC Top Ten Army sizes, and we went on normally. But then, in early 2012, the Ice Warriors fell. We were only getting about 15+, but Icey was quick to re-act. Within 2 weeks the Ice Warriors were back up in the Top Ten, with sizes of about 25-40+.

And then, Iceyfeet1234 retired. He passed on his leadership to Albert417, and is currently serving as Advisor to IW. He is still helping the IW, until he leaves forever.

Albert’s major challenge came soon during the rise of the Dark Alliance, which had the aim of breaking down the ACP. ACP was already shakey, having experienced a leader crisis previously. CPPA was an extremely ordered army, often fighting in UK times whilst the majority of ACP was US. ACP fell hard, but created the White Alliance. The IW became involved, and carried on untill the Dark Alliance fell into disarray. Then in 2009, Ambrosha retired from all armies and never made a retirement post, but gave his club penguin account to SaW aka Feephill, but got banned forever after he leave.

At the beginning of 2012, Icey had gone, but Alb had proven himself capable. The sizes for the IW are extremely low, maxing 30 and averaging 25 at US events, and around 15-20 for the UK/EU. Albert then decided to bring the IW into Isolation. For a long period of time, the IW was focused on rebuilding. The isolation was broken  for a war with Light Troops in May, with US sizes averaging 30, and Australia/Asian division around 10 and an EU force averaging 10. The LT didn’t respond to many of the invasions, and the IW won. By Jun 3, 2012, Iceyfeet1234 – creator, retired from the IW and promoted Albert417 as IW leader. He is the second leader of the IW. On November 28th, 2012, The Ice Warriors won so many rounds, but lost on the finals – by the Dark Warriors on December 29th, 2012. At the beginning of January 7th, 2013, the ice warriors has saved their capital – Sub Zero from battling the Pirates, but they don’t do well during events, they gave out promotions too quickly. At January 19th, 2013, the Army Republic lost during the PB, due to having connection problems by the party. Then, the IW troops was upset about how much snowflakes/medals they have got for ranks. The Medal/Snowflake System was deleted by Jack – Second In Command, from these reasons of lack, lazy, and not listening. Then by January 20th, 2013, the ice warriors packed the battle and had a pb with the nachos; they put up with the chaos in every second there was to it and it was a tie. It wouldv’e been better if the people didn’t lag out and ended as a tie. By January 20th, 2013, the SWAT attempt to isolate and dissolve the Black Alliance from doing anymore harm to the ACP. The Black Alliance[DW, Pirates and SWAT] had declared war on the ACP, and the White Alliance[Army Republic, Nachos, Tacos, and ACP] is fighting once again for this cause. Then afterward, the SWAT has surrendered, and resigned from the BA – the Ice Warriors has won. By February 16th, 2013, Ice Warriors has won during Clash of the Unforgiven Tournament II, the Spartans has lost. On February 19th, 2013, Aquabluejet1 has created a Issue and a New system for the troops of activity and missing events, of the ranks. On March 24th, 2013, the Ice Warriors won at every tournament in the March Madness, but lost on the finals of vsing the Nachos. By May 28th, 2013, Iceyfeet1234 has returned to the Ice Warriors as temp leader, after having 1 leadership change throughout these 6 years. The new leaders has been planned this summer. By September 1, 2013, Albert417 has retired from all armies, and the Ice Warriors. Bears Boy10 has been promoted to Ice Warriors Leader to help hold the IW and to rise, he is the third leader of the IW. On November 23th, 2013, the ice warriors has won the Christmas Chaos round 1 to 2, but sadly they lost. – The RPF won the finals, and the Dark Warriors lost. On January 13, 2014, Bears Boy10 has announced his retirement, he has promoted Tes7 and Surferboysc/Ben as Ice Warriors leader. They are the fourth leaders of the IW, after a week of faking couped of being Iceyfeet1234 – The comment wasn’t the same, and it was an imposter. On January 29, 2014, Iceyfeet1234 made a post of 28 defenses in 1 day, after Elmikey (RPF Leader) decided to give up on his US/European divisions and use his Australian division to invade 28 of our servers in 1 DAY. On February 26, 2014, Surferboysc/Ben retired from the IW and Tes7 as solo leader/himself. No one took his spot, or promoted. Tes7 has been leader as himself for a long time now. By April 16, 2014, Albert417 and Iceyfeet1234 returned to the IW after having a shocking fall which reach an all-time low by being named the 15th best army. By May 19, 2014, Tes7 has promoted King Funks4 as Leader alongside with him, due to being inactivity and sports. He is the six leader of the IW. By June, 2014, Tes7 is the current USA Division Leader, alongside Kingfunks4 as the UK/EU Division leader and Ravenpaw as the Australian/Asian Division Leader. Icey has returned a few times to be the temporary leader when IW is falling.

CP armies didn’t do well during 2012, and numbers fell. Presently the IW is on a major rebuilding scheme.

In January 2016, iceyfeet1234 announced that the Ice Warriors will be closing. The Ice Warriors were the army that lived the longest, and have now died as of January 2016. For the retirement post, please see

Nations & Leaders & Other Info

The Ice Warriors have a huge nation with a total of 25 servers with their capital as Husky. The Ice Warriors had 15 leaders in total with their creator Iceyfeet1234 leading for 5 years! Their 15 past leaders are.. Iceyfeet1234, Albert417, Bearsboy10, Tes7, Suferboysc, Kingfunks4, Gtudsd, Andrew 24, SpyGuy202, Ghost, S Cargo2, Spikey, Tax1, Wwebestfan, and Sorbet. (The leaders on this list is in order). IW current leaders are Spikey and Tax1

Ice Warriors are normally in the top 5 armies on CPAC top 10. They normally max 30-40 On CP while averaging 25. There are an indepent army with over 155+ troops. Here is a picture of their uniform:


Ice Warriors are known as an "Tournment Army" which means that IW always win most of the Tourney's such as Legends Cup. They won many trophies including the Best CP army.


  • Ice Warriors creator, Iceyfeet1234 is known for leading Ice Warriors for 5 years and is known for serving Leader/Creator in an top 10 army
  • Their full name is Ice Warriors Of Club Penguin
  • Ice Warriors Mottos are: "Fear the Ice!" and "Don't Freeze Up!"
  • Click here for their website