The Ice Hounds of Club Penguin, also known as IH is a Club Penguin army created by Son Nav on August 23rd 2013, they are considered to be a medium army.  


The Ice Hounds were created by Son Nav on August 23rd 2013. Son Nav came from the chaos army, he created the Ice Hounds in hope that he could create an army and make it to the top ten. Throughout their first generation of being alive, they fought through tons of wars, and in the end lead to the death of their first generation.

War With Water Ninjas

During the first month of the Ice Hounds being created, they owned no territory, armies are usually not considered to be an official army unless you own at least one server, the Ice Hounds owned zero, so Son Nav decided to ask the Water Ninjas for land. At the time, Son Nav just wanted to be recognized as an official army and didn't want any war. When Son Nav asked the Water Ninjas leader, this irritated the leaders of the Water Ninjas and started the first Ice Hound - Water Ninja war. Because of this war, the Ice Hounds grew in size and gained publicity.

Dark Knight - Ice Hound war

Another war had broke out in the Ice Hound army, this time against another small army known as the Dark Knights. The reasons for this war are stupid, but this war is considered by the Ice Hounds, and Dark Knights as the most "memorable" time period in both army's history. The leader of the Soda Pop Army, named Tony. Color50, leader of the Dark Knights received was on the Dark Knights chat, when the Soda Pop Army leader came on and demanded to be the second in command, or face war. The Dark Knights refused, in which Son Nav, leader of the Ice Hounds said that war was going to happen because of this.[1]This war lasted from October 2013 to December 2013, with the constant invasion and defenses of each other's servers. Both armies, were producing propaganda for their troops and making fun of each other's armies. The far finally ended in December of 2013, signing a two month peace treaty, with no invasions being able to happen until then. Currently, the Ice Hounds consider the Dark Knights as their brother allies.


In December 2014, during the third generation of the Ice Hounds, also known as the "Long Generation", or "Iron Age", the Ice Hounds were going through a lot of changes. At the time, Son Nav was declared the only leader, and all his decisions were final, no voting. One of the other co - leaders, Dominus, also known as Coolman, was not happy with this. Him, along with other Ice Hound legends such as T0xic, and Pengton formed the Ice Hound Rebellion in hopes of restoring the Ice Hounds to what they should be; democratic, and having more than one leader. This rebellion only lasted a few weeks and ending only a few days before the Ice Hounds shut down temporary to rebuild. Peace was met between both parties, Dominus and Pengton became leaders alongside Son Nav.


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