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Here Comes The Money is an annual party where anyone from any army can participate in three 'Acts'.

Act One- October 21st to October 25th

An enormous showcase of igloos is presented to leaders and chosen helpers of armies. Following and during this, a colossal snowball fight, and soccer/hockey matches are played.

Act Two- October 26th to October 31st

The main event- most expensive outfit wins! This includes backgrounds, pins, neck, body, head, feet and face items. They are presented at the Pizza Parlour every day in this period.

Act Three- November 1st to November 5th

Days 1 and 2- Puffle money scavenging contest (when your puffle finds money)

Days 3 and 4- Giant drill the iceberg party!

Day 5- Collecting stamps with others day.

This event is organised by Lavrocks, Supreme Commander of the Crystal Revolutionary Army.

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