The Hamburgers Army Of CP is an army made by ZekeTMP on February 25, 2017. It is believed that when the founder of the army, ZekeTMP, was thinking of a name for an army he was eating a hamburger, and the rest is history (no pun intended).


The first event the Hamburgers ever had was a training event were they maxed 4. That one event got them to 13th on the close to top ten list in the CPAC top ten armies of the week. The next week the Hamburgers declared war on the Dinos army. The Dinos had heard the news, and they quickly died off. The Hamburgers eventually died.

The Oranges Of CP

Later in March 2017 ZekeTMP and UmbreonYT (his brother) revived the Hamburgers for the 2nd generation, but known as the Oranges Of CP.

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