Founder: Penguwild (10/4/09)

Members: Penguwild, Fuzz Herder, Henry1424, Racecar123go (Add your penguins name with " " around it. I will meet you on Club Penguin at a later date to audition you! When you are accepted, I will take " " off.

Uniform: Red Viking Helmet and Ghost Costume (Available now) unless authorized otherwise. I wear a BLUE helmet. ONE member may wear Helga's Gold helmet. That Penguin is second in command.

Worlds: Ice Box, Mammoth, Yeti, Blizzard, Yukon (WE will dominate them ALL!)

History: This army was founded on 10/4/09 by Penguwild. He invited Fuzz Herder and Henry1424. Fuzz Herder was recognized as a possible threat. All GVs are advised to keep an eye on him-or you could get a snowball in the back. Henry1424 is exceedingly loyal. The first War was taken to alone on 10/3/09 which caused Penguwild, the sole fighter of the war against FPoA-Fashion Penguins of America. An unofficial army that does NOT enjoy being hit. Penguwild formed an army for this purpose-to ELIMINATE those Penguins. They could be pretty much any penguin in the Town, Plaza, or Snow Forts.

Enemies: FPoA

Allies: NCoCP (Ninja Corps of Club Penguin)

Room: Any party room, the Snow Forts, Pet Shop (to eliminate Mwah Mwahs), all rooms of the Dojo, and the Volcano room when it comes out.