Known For
Gender Male
Current Ranks
Status Active
Location Korea, Seoul

Article Nameis the name of a character of Club Penguin. He is the General of the Red Outcasts,fighting to protect CP.


When he quit the red army,he went into a civilan life. Then, he started the spec-ops 177 witch quickly failed.Soon, he started the Red Outcasts.


Crazekid2 is the leader of the red outcasts.He has a HUGE temper and will fight any foe. He desprately needs recruits for the red outcasts.His most hated army is the red army.


To defeat an enemy,he will hold "T" and rapidly click on an enemy.Try it and see what happens.


"Join the red Outcasts!" "Hit 'em hard!" "FIRE!" "Light 'em up!"


His penguin's favorite food is fish.

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