this is fake butt a good funny story


dodo man 3 entered garys lab .sir hows it going?.dodo man replied to gary

.........ya ya good

he sayed slowy ...then a alarm rang agents report in theres mysterious metors or bombs ahhhhhh.we ran fast outside ,soon stunned from dark red sky falling objects .boom!!!crash.banggg!!!!!we evaquated the penguins run turn on the lighthouse and leave with bout .we ran to gary .told him every thing and sayed why is this happaning and who is doing this !!!!???? gary slowly turned with a evil grin and replied this in a evil voice with bloody fangs !!! i kill you all with my fart bomb 3000 mwahahahaha we rabn out in fear as few blew up ,soon ninjas got there we got out guns ,  !!!!!!!we shot gary and he died but then it got worse we didnt make it back to the boat and 97% of agents and ninjas died dodoman 3 is one of the few that surrvied tha day ....the day of .....doom . the end ps gary kill!!!!

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