it is the longest war to come to reality
Vital statistics
Participants cbf/cpepf/nacho's/cp protector's/viking's/swat/ufcp
Date 13/04/2010
Location the whole of club penguin

leader's(cbf/cpepf/vikings/swat/nacho's/cp protecter's/ leader's(ctt/cpe/hf/cptt) chily tom herbert

                                                                             ctt sg
                                                                                                                                                        emporer manafred 

teddy1236 viking commander[1] ghish402 matthem the director(in a vision)

The event

casulties many agents many hackers

                                       many polar bears

many ninja's many crab's many tour guide's many jet packer's many penguin's



See also

[1]Teddy1236 Viking commander

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