Ok people this is my new army I created a few weeks back.


Member Leader: Slugbug21

Non-Member leader:

looking for new recruits. if want to join answer these:


  1. are you going to be active
  1. were you part of any other armys
  1. member or not
  1. will you be loyal to CCM

Post these on the talk page




Party server:Mittens

Training server:Matterhorn

Recruiting server:Fog

Voting/ Discussions:Crunch

I will edit when new serevers arise.


members:any hair, candyy cane for hand, any neck, merpearson tail

non members:any head, and hand, any neck, highest belt to blue

Other Websites

click or copy and paste to go

Just random websites i use.


(Club penguin)

Our new website.


CCM's flag use this link

and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temp\paint.jpg


  • Created in 2012 by slugbug21
  • current army size- 1 people
  • current servers- 1 servers


Welcome to the army. click talk and comment to join. I will make updates almost always daily.

  • currentley looking for allies.


None yet

Allies & Enemies

No allies or enemies


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