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Full Name Club Penguin Crew
Founded September, 2009
Rank Dead?
Government Unknown
Size Dead?
Famed For Jeepkid



There once was an army that was formed by penguin  named Jeepkid7 who was a very successful famous Clubpenguin blogger. This army was known as the Clubpenguin Crew Army. In a matter of days this army rose to getting 30-40+ at events and were then destroyed shortly after.

The Clubpenguin Crew, a very short-lived army that achieved many goals that took armies years to get to. This army was on its way but what made it stop?

Many of you probably do not understand why we do not see this army here in the Top 10 today, well there is one solution for an army growing as rapid as the Clubpenguin Crew(CPC) to suddenly fall and die. Other armies.

Yes, other armies started gathering together and forming an alliance started by the ACP to take down and destroy the Clubpenguin Crew. Armies just kept gathering until ACP had gotten an alliance that had more than 50+ armies in it! This alliance included:

Club Penguin Crew Army01:15

Club Penguin Crew Army

    • IW (Ice Warriors)
    • Nachos
    • GW (Golden Warriors)
    • WW (Watex Warriors)
    • FW (Fire Warriors)
    • UMA (Underground Mafias Army)
    • HSA (Hot Sauce Army)
    • BP (Black Panthers)
    • TWA (The Warriors Army)
    • CPST (Club Penguin Sun Troopers)
    • MFW (Mysterious Freedom Warriors)
    • BB (Black Bandits)
    • CPC (Club Penguin Clones)
    • PH (Purple Heads)
    • CAF (Canadian Army Force)
    • CPL (Club Penguin Lightning)
    • CPU (Club Penguin Union)
    • CPAU (Club Penguin Army Unit)
    • CPWA (Club Penguin World Army)
    • Ninja Corps
    • MCCP (Marine Corp of Club Penguin)
    • CPKA (Club Penguin Kingdom Army)
    • Elite Shadows
    • SFCP (Star Fighters of Club Penguin)
    • GACP (Golden Army of Club Penguin)
    • CPWS (Club Penguin Warrior Squad)
    • SCP (Spartans of Club Penguin)
    • BFA (Bacon Flavored Spartans)
    • CPHA (Club Penguin Hero Agency)
    • CPR (Club Penguin Rangers)
    • CPSW (Club Penguin Snow Warriors)
    • PDN (Penguin Daily News)
    • CPSG (Club Penguin Street Gang)
    • CPFT (Club Penguin Fire Troopers)
    • SCPA (Soldier Club Penguin Army)
    • Shadow Ops
    • PPF (Penguin Patriot Force)
    • PCP (Parkas of Club Penguin)
    • The Pens
    • BB (Blue Blazers)
    • NCPA (National Club Penguin Army)
    • The K
    • CCP (Chavs of Club Penguin)
    • CPPA (Club Penguin Patriot Army)
    • HW (Hydro Warriors)
    • SACP (Secret Army of Club Penguin)
    • BCP (Killer Blues of Club Penguin
    • PS6 (Penguin Storm 6)
    • NUMA (The National Underwater and Marine Agency)
    • AACP (American Army of Club Penguin)
    • CP Regiment
    • PCP (Patrol of Club Penguin)
    • AMA (Aqua Marines Army)
    • CPTF (Club Penguin Task Force)
    • CPNE (Club Penguin Ninjas Empire)
    • FT (Fire Troopers)
    • CA (Clan Alpha)
    • + Other Various Small Armies

As you can see the Crew was majorly outnumbered and had no chance what so ever to win, though, the Crew accepted the challenge and came out ready to battle anyone in their way. You may be wondering why did ACP start this alliance against the Crew? Jealousy? Fun? Here is what the current leader at the time Boomer 20 said their reasons were.

  • The Crew does not follow the rules of Club Penguin Warfare
  • They are not a true army
  • They show no respect toward any other armies who have worked hard for their position in armies
  • They planned to invade all small armies and work their way up until they own all servers in Club Penguin

As a few days progressed on the ACP then posted a Battle Plan and planned to invade both of the Crews Servers “Polar Bear” and “Shiver” at the same time in two different groups. All the armies were gearing up for battle and prepared to “Crush The Crew” as some would put it :3

It was creeping up to battle time and all armies were prepared to take on the Crew with full force when the Crew had already surrendered before the first battle even took place? Yup, Jeepkid officially retired from the Crew before the first battle and it looked as if the Crew had been shut down for good. It seemed the war had dissolved and so had the Clubpenguin Crew. But then, the Crew had restarted and the former 2nd In Command was leading it. The Crew was back and immediately made apologies to the ACP about their former leaders harsh actions and all was at peace, for a while.. A day or two had passed when Jeepkid announced his official return to the CP Crew and fired Droop the 2nd In Command. This angers ACP very much which caused them to continue the harsh war and invade the Crew once more.

-Warning this segment of the post was made completely by memory of when I was a n00b. There were no posts or pictures of this event I could find.-

The battle had officially been scheduled and would go on with the Crew the or not. All armies were geared up and ready to go. Both groups had logged onto Polar Bear and Shiver without any Crew resistance. Both groups had a solid 50 troops and claimed the servers neutral and the Crew officially dead. After the battle Jeepkid decided to officially retire from the Crew and shut them down. Justice had been served and so had the Crew.


Interviews about Jeepkid/CPC

๖̶̶̶ѕυρєяσσ13 interviewing McHappy

What was Jeepkid like as a person? Was he fair to his army?

He was interested in armies and wanted to see how well he could do in the community himself. He was pretty fair, and nice, but he didn’t really have a choice not to be fair because he had a popular cheats site.

Do you think the CP Crew was worth killing?

I was only a soldier back then so I wasn’t fully aware of the entire situation, so he might have done something pretty bad. Since then there has been many CP Crew remakes so it was never exactly killed then.

Final question, what is your fondest memory of the Crew?

I was in the crew for a second before my leader, Boomer told me to quit. I remember when the Crew made a line across the Boiler Room and Jeepkid was leading on CP

Thanks for your time!

No Problem!

TanMan626 interviewing Boomer

What brought you to declare war on the Crew?

Well if I remember correctly, it was centered around Jeeps return to the Crew, forcing then-leader Droop to hand things to him. Jeep then created “Operation Tiny Takedown”, designed to take out the bottom 5 armies of the Top 10. As ACP leader at the time, I declared war in return, and was joined by 57 other armies.

What was Jeepkid like as a person? Was he fair to his army?

The way I knew Jeep and the way everybody else knew Jeep was pretty different. An outsider looking in, most people saw him as a typical “famous penguin” who thinks he’s better than everybody else. He led his army more like a fan club than a true army and that bothered people in “real” armies. I knew him more personally than pretty much everyone in Clubpenguin armies though, and he’s a pretty cool, down to earth guy when you get to know him.

Do you think killing CPC was worth it?

I think in the end it was probably still worth it. It brought alot of armies together and united them all towards 1 cause, and gave them a reason to get active and involved. I do wish Droop had been allowed to lead CPC though. 

Thanks for your time.


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