Hello there Penguins! This is the rules for creating Articles and Editing pages. If something you do on the Club Penguin Army Wikia is noted unacceptable by an admin, he has the right to remove it.

List of Laws

  • Image Law
  • Article Law
  • User Law

Laws' Meanings

  • The Image Law deals with the files on this wiki. Images must be Club Penguin army related. Images must be safe for kids 13 and under to view. Any adult content in images will be deleted right away, and the uploader will be banned depending on what he uploaded.
  • The Article Law deals with articles, and their content. The law states that articles must have categories added, and images once published. When writing an article put {{Construction}} at the top of the page, so others know that that article is being worked on. Be sure to put templates on the articles, so they look clean and nice. Articles must also not be, what we called, "Mary Sue". Mary Sue is a phrase for a article that seems completely perfect. For instance don't write a fictional article that says, "The Dan Warriors are unbeatable, and super smart! They rule all of Club Penguin, and are loved by everyone!" Respect other users' articles too.
  • The User Law is the law that solely deals with users, and their actions. Users should be nice to others.. Users cannot swear, upload rude content, make fun of other users for their beliefs, or start flame wars. This law does affect Admins. However if an admin is out of control please report it to another admin or Wikia editor.

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