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We are currently editing over 600 articles, and you can help!  This Wikia is used as a memorial for all of the Club Penguin Armies that ever existed and all the ones from Club Penguin Rewritten! If your army is not included, you should go and create a page for it! Go to the List of Armies to read about every army that has ever existed! Have fun reading!

Did you know...

  • ...The CPRA's latest raid was on 2 February 2009?
  • ...The Nachos' website is copyrighted?
  • ...That Star kirby12 is almost a fanon article?
  • ...That the Purple Republic is a bot army?
  • ...That the Army of Club Penguin is the #1 number in the CP Army World?
  • ...That the Romans are closed after almost 12 years of existence?
  • ...That there is still Color War veterans in contact?
  • ...That armies began in 2006?
  • ...The Underground Mafias Army is the oldest current alive army?
  • ...That the Dark Knight Empire is one of the most well known armies of CPRA, despite being not known in CPA?

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World War Seven

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Welcome to the Club Penguin Army Wiki! You can hang out with our community on the Forums, or our Chat Box. If you need help on the wiki contact one of our admins on their Message Wall. You can tell when you find a admin's page when there's a little box that says "Admin" near their icon! We hope you have a good time here.

Featured Images


UMA-DKE blitzkrieg on Sleet. December, 2017. (RARE)

Print 7-28-18 6

Semi-finals between the RPF and EGCP. RPF marginal-victory. 7/28/18

Red dawn 7-29-18 7

Red Dawn Alliance event. 7/29/18

Rpf vs egcp 2

Biggest battle in CPRA. EGCP Victory. July 14th, 2018.

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