Full Name Club Penguin

Army Central

Founded Unknown
Type Blog
Famed For Great news, and

updates on CP armies.

The CPAC (Club Penguin Army Central), is a website about large Club Penguin armies. They host competitions, give the latest updates on CP army news, and more. They also tell which servers are ruled by which major army, and include some history on CP's army world. The website is famed for their posts, and graphics.

Official Description

Welcome to CPA Central (Club Penguin Army Central)! Our mission is literally in our name; to be a center for all Club Penguin Armies. We provide accurate information about all of the news around Club Penguin Armies, including wars, battles, and more, and give soldiers a place to comment an discuss the latest events with one another. Along with news, we also post a number of discussion starting posts, about various topics related to Club Penguin Armies. In addition, we are responsible for hosting many of the large tournaments and events for various armies to participate in. Since our creation in 2009, CPA Central has become a vital piece of Club Penguin Armies, and hopefully, it will be able to serve you too.



  • The website was once hacked.
    • Because of this the website had to move to a different server.
  • You can find their website at:
  • The current CEO of CPAC is Goblin

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