These are "Terrorist" Armies, like RITARO, which attack the users, moderators and administrators of CP.  Here are the "Terrorists"

  • Anonymous
  • Penguin Pranksters
  • F.A.R.T
  • CP Raider Alliance (group with the following parties: Anonymous, RITARO, Penguin pranksters.)
  • Clubpenguin robbers Street Gang
  • Reds
  • tCS
  • RPF
  • Black Ops (discontinued [now RPF])

WE MUST STOP THEM! Lead terrorists like KingSpyro who owns the Black Ops don't attack lately due to the worry of getting spotted and banned. The public of club penguin announced that king spyro was at the attack on the black ops in late 2009 when an under cover PSA agent took out a big part of the black ops.That was the last time anyone had heard of him. On late 2010 a penguin impersonated kingspyro for publicity.He was later banned by 17 undercover EPF agents.4 of them were then later banned by angry RPF agents.

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