The Blizzard Warriors of Club Penguin (BW) was an army created and led by Blizzard880 on June 27th, 2011. Featured on both SMAC (Small Medium Army Central) and CPAC (Club Penguin Army Central), the army quickly gained massive attention within the community.

On July 20, 2011 SMAC reporter Splasher99 reported about the new flourishing army, entitling his post, "Blizzard Warriors - The Rising Medium Army". In his post, Splasher discussed BW's placement in the weekly Small Top Ten, placing first, with sizes of 8-15. In addition, Splasher reported about BW's victorious battles against both the CP Flyers (CPF) and Ghost Vikings (GV).

The army quickly received public attention within the community as it received a spot in the Top Five on CPAC on November 10, 2011. Many people began to join the army and ever since its creation. Thus, its size rocketed. Although the army had a powerful beginning, its size suddenly plummeted and therefore it died in late 2011. Ever since BW shut down, many leaders in the community had requested for its revival, but Blizzard880 refused their offer. As of today, the Blizzard Warriors remains dead. Although the army closed its doors, it was one of the unforgotten armies in the Club Penguin army community.


Here are a list of achievements the BW have accomplished during its time in the community.

10/29/11 - 3rd Place/CPAC Scary Showdown

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