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The Almighty Ar Army! Help us Defeat Acp!

The Almighty Ar Army! Help us Defeat Acp!



AR History (August 14, 2007-Present) -Written by 122344a&All AR 2007-2009 Veterans.

Well, where to begin…. On August 14th, 2007, Mr. Geggie, a loyal and noble friend of our  creator 122344a thought of the marvelous and extraordinary army…. Army of The Republic (AR) Mr.  Geggie did not share AR with many, due to him being a former ACP soldier, he wanted it to remain a  dream of is, and not a reality due to him not thinking the idea would go anywhere. This all  changed on Au.gust 17th when he shared this idea with 122344a. 122344a actually thought of this  idea extremely hard and overnight, he came to a conclusion. Him and Mr. Geggie would create AR.  On the afternoon of August 18, 2007. AR was born. Over the next few days Mr Geggie and 122344a  recruited rapidly, an old friend of 122344a Tb25 was one of AR’s first recruits, being recruited  in late August. In early September, AR made a small rival, “Sun Clan” They consisted of the  colors Orange, Yellow, and Red. They would get about 7-8 on CP while AR would get about 5-6, but,  122344a and Mr Geggie were not intimidated by this. Around September 8th 122344a confronted Sun  Clan announcing war. Sun Clan had never heard of AR, but the first battle took place on September  9th. Mr Geggie, 122344a, Sting TV, 007Bond, Tb25, and 1 other forgotten AR soldier were the  fighters of this battle. They spread out into multiple groups of 2 each, and AR constantly fired  snowballs at them and kept spreading out. Sun Clan had about 4-5 on for this battle and did not  retreat until an after the battle. Where it started in the Snow Forts, they then retreated into  the town then disappeared about 10 minutes later. It was a true victory for AR.

On September 20th. Sun Clan surrendered, and between then and October 5th AR was focusing on  gaining more soldiers. On October 5th, Mr Geggie and AR then were declared war on by Snow Troops.  AR was constantly losing battles between October 5th and October 10th, until Mr Geggie retired on  October 11th. He apologized for deserting AR and was never seen again since then. 122344a was then  the only leader of AR and on October 13th he attempted to surrender to the Snow Troops. They did  not listen and kept attacking AR whenever AR tried to recruit or train on servers. Eventually, one  successful recruitment for AR took place and on October 16th, 2007, Bluejays1236 was recruited. He  made a forum thread telling many about AR. This gained AR a few recruits and they came to many  battles, this is where the turning point of the war began. 122344a was so pleased with Bluejays he  made him leader of AR. Tb25 was outraged at how he had been in AR twice as long and quit, not  being seen again until 2008, but Bluejays1236 and 122344a lead successfully against Snow Troops  and won the war on November 11th 2007. Bluejays1236 and 122344a were extremely busy gaining many  recruits. In December 2007 AR had many small skirmishes with the Fever army and RPF and ACP. In  late December 2007, a famous recruit who still visits today was recruited, Twister110. They then  continued having small battles, then on February 17th, 2008, 122344a retired. Filling his place  was Mooha15, based on Twister110′s witnessing AR began falling due to Bluejays1236 and Mooha15  entirely unable to cooperate, this drove Bluejays to retire on March 13th, 2008. An army called  the Red Raiders attacked AR constantly due to AR’s sizes dropping. 122344a visited AR and saw a  battle where AR only had 3+ on CP, with Mooha15 becoming extremely aggravated. After the battle,  122344a overthrew Mooha15 and on March 20th 2008 he declared AR to be a 1 leader Army. Over the  next year, 122344a lead AR through wars with many armies, such as Ocean Warriors, Town Topplers,  Nachos, RPF, and Ghosts. On July 7th 2008 Darkstar262 was recruited, and him and 122344a would go  on many servers, finding AR and fighting in any skirmishes of other armies they could see,  participating with all of their might. Over the next few months AR faced the worst of times. In  November 2008 AR began to fall after wasting their time fighting ACP, and by early 2009 AR was  pronounced dead.

Despite 122344a’s best attempts to bring AR back, he failed. But in July 2009 he slightly  brought AR back, slowly but steadily. Him, Russ10, Darkstar262, Lennyboi, and a few other AR  soldiers took part in SWAT vs ACP skirmishes. Many ACP members such as Boomer20 remember such  battles. After a while, AR had random points of death and resurrection. On a thread, Russ10  posted about the disappearance of 122344a in September 2009, and he pronounced AR officially  dead. Very little happened with AR between October 2009 and July 2010, any AR remnants from then  were small groups of 3 or 4 soldiers trying to carry on the AR spirit. In July 2010, 122344a  returned and brought AR back, and lead until August 20th, 2010, where he found BartSimp52 and  Juliansk8 who made the site “” also known as our current site… In September 2010 after 122344a, BartSimp52, Juliansk8, Grand123tx, TippyTyler, and  many others were fighting on CP, and then found an extraordinary army. The Squids of CP. How AR  and the Squids met was because AR and Squids fought against ACP on a small skirmish on Mammoth. AR  and the Squids won, but the leader of the squids…. Buritodaily then joined AR and became leader in  November 2010. He then overthrew BartSimp52, then days later Juliansk8 disappeared.

122344a then came back, and lead AR with buritodaily. They fixed up the site and in late  November Austin was recruited and made leader days later. Then soon after Grant42 joined, and  122344a then retired again stepping down to Advisor. This left Buritodaily, Grant42, and Austin  leader during all of late November 2010 – Late January 2011. In December 2010 AR was at its high  point but then in late January AR died after a battle with Ice Vikings. Buritodaily, Grant42 and  Austin all retired and AR was pronounced dead. In March 2011, 122344a brought AR back again  leading it himself until Buritodaily came back, then soon after Vinny came and was pronounced  leader. Over the summer with 122344a, Buritodaily, and Vinny leading, AR reached an extreme high  point until October 2011 came and AR grew inactive then died. Despite Buritodaily and Vinny’s  attempts to bring it back, nothing worked. It all ended when Vinny and Buritodaily turned AR into  CPA, and AR was no more. Until April 2012 when Vinny and 122344a planned together with the 122344a  Doctrine, which was guaranteed to keep AR alive:

In April of 2016 they formed the DACP, The Democratic army of club penguin after merging with ACP for a total of 109 members. 2 weeks later ACP broke off when AR territory was attacked by NW.

In May of 2016 NW destroyed the AR, With the Government toppled most members became partisans and reformed a new government but now are rebels fighting NW occupation.

Very interesting, indeed

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