The Air Warriors army was revived by Talex831 around May 4th, 2013 after the Air Warriors fell into silence at a much earlier point in time, and where the information of the previous generation of the Air Warriors remains unknown to this day. Talex spent the beginning of the new generation preparing the Air Warriors for return; however, during the early stages of this new generation, Talex831 declared war upon the USSPA (United Server States Penguins of America) for committing several crimes, the most predominant one being raiding of servers without prior notice. After two unposted invasions against the aforementioned enemy, the war was called off via the USSPA forming a colony under the Air Warriors nation. Around June 20th, 2013, the Air Warriors fell inactive.

Two years later on February 25th, 2015, Talex831 attempted to recreate the Air Warriors for another generation, and they had only one event, maxing 6, during this short lived generation.

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