AFN Army of Fire Ninjas image

Army of Fire Ninjas

The AFN is another army called Army of Fire Ninjas. The AFN is controlled by Busyninja the unexpected fire ninja who never ever has any fun.The first day he introduced AFN about 14 ninjas and 14 fire ninjas wanted to join but Busyninja only excepted 6 there names were Silver Inferno Icekinger Bloodropor Ninj4ever and Splitsandwige.Splitsandwige loves bananas he eats them all the time even when he has to pull out his hot sauce he pulls out a banana.Icekinger has fingers well he always says hes half human but the rest of the army doesnt believe him.Bloodroper is different hes a plain ninja and hes only white belt but he says im white cause im a ghost hes very shy and he trys to quit but he cant he has to stay.Ninj4ever is never wearing his fire suit and is always invisible.Silver and Inferno are both very stupid and hate the stupid anoying waterfall witch is found saying I saw Sensie hes awesome and I saw Rockhopper and I saw Cadance and I saw G and I saw A Artic and some random sheep penguin did you?

PS:The characters in this army are fake its really controlled by Pantherninja and one person joined but quit.

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